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October 2014 – Holmby Hills Homeowners Association

=> NEWS ALERT: Pothole Trench at Faring Road / Maple Avenue

HOLMBY HILLS RESIDENTS:  The HHHOA has submitted a request to the City of Los Angeles to fix the above-referenced hazard via its online request portal (10/10/14), email to the Bureau of Street Services (10/29/14), and a letter to the Department of Public Works (10/29/14).

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=> HHHOA: NEWS ALERT: Neighborhood Sightseeing Tours

Due to Holmby Hills Homeowners having problems with sightseeing tour vans creating vehicle congestion on roads, noise, and non-resident foot-traffic, the HHHOA is considering petitioning the City to post “weight-restriction signs” in the area. Vehicles over 6,000 lbs. are not allowed thereby banning most, if not all, commercial sightseeing tour vehicles. (NOTE: The Hollywood Hills […]

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=> HHHOA: NEWS ALERT: Helicopter Noise

The FAA has complied with Congress’ request to do something more concrete after passing the “Los Angeles Residential Noise Relief Act.” It is working on implementing a one-year long formal complaint system (costing $250,000).  This complaint system will relay what types of helicopter noise concerns are occurring and the areas they are coming from within […]

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Los Angeles Municipal Code => NOISE ORDINANCES

As the weekend approaches, please keep your fellow residents’ “PEACE and QUIET” in mind, pursuant to the attached noise ordinances under the Los Angeles Municipal Code. => HAVE FUN, but, please, not at the expense of other Holmby Hills homeowners’ quiet enjoyment.

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